There are 2 types of games in Hungry gamers

Zone A ( Full Protection ) :

Native games from

1. Games from us.

2. Supported by our 24-7 customer service from the day you purchase.

3. If the game got any problem in Steam system, our maximum compensation will be full refund.

Zone B (Semi-protection):

Games from other users

1. Games from other gamer on this platform.

2. We guarantee this game is playable in your steam account.

3. Our responsible ends when you see the game in your steam library and can play it.

4. Support by our 24-7 customer service ends when the game is active and ready to play.

5. Any future problems and risks are not supported by

6. We will provide you will the seller’s information if dispute is needed to be raised in the future.

Our other Guarantee

You information is protected

We will never disclose your information including your Steam ID and PW to anyone. All transaction is done within our encrypted automated system.

24 hour game delivery

The game you ordered will be available at your Steam library within 24 hours of purchase if your Steam Guard is turned off.

If our system cannot automatically send the game to you due to Steam Guard is on, our customer service team will reach you via email.

24 hour game quote

You can always ask for a game quote you cannot find in our game store.

Our team will send you the discount quote of the steam game you requested within 24 hours.