We are connected with Steam

Currently we have discount for 86% of all games in Steam library.

Do you know how many games are there in Steam? 2,948,147,416

Therefore although we have discount offer for 86% of all the games in Steam, we can never put all the games in our store.

Those games in our store are the games that we love an would love to recommend to you.

If you cannot find the game you want to buy in our store, you can directly contact us via CS inbox.

We will quote the discount for the game within 24 hours.

Step 1

Find the game you love at Steam Store.

Step 2

Contact us in facebook inbox or whatsapp us : +852 6485 0353 to ask for a quote of the game discount.

Step 3

Within 24 hour we will tell you how much discount we can offer for this game.

Step 4

If you like to buy the game, pay for same amount of game dollar.